Kinetic Shadow Puppets (after Narnia,Segeal, World of Warcraft and Iraq)
Plastic, Paper, Electronics


Installation shots (Interaccess, Toronto, 2008)

interaccess installation shot 1


Narnia, Again (2007)
Plasic, paper, electronics


Lotusman (2007)
Plasic, paper, electronics

snakes snakes

videoVIDEO (QT h264, 1.1MB)



Man, Woman, Dragon (After World of Warcraft) (2007)
Plasic, paper, electronics

snakes snakes



Tsunami (2007)
Plasic, paper, electronics

snakes snakes

Press release, Postmasters, Sept 2007
review, Art Review, Dec 17, 2007
review, Village Voice, Jan 2 2008
review, Art Papers, Jan-Feb 2008
Pablo Ocampo, Interaccess exhibition text, April 2008
interview, National post (toronto) May 2 2008
review, Ha'eer (Tel Aviv), Sep 25 2008

Exhibition History:
Postmasters Gallery, NY, NY
Interaccess (Images Festival), Toronto, Canada
Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland, OH
Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa, FL


Download print quality set#1 (6mb ZIP)
snakessnakessnakesbest flame war ever

Print quality Image set#2 (9mb ZIP)
interaccess installation shot 1

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